Nature Canyon of the Moraca River


The Moraca River is considered one of the most famous in Montenegro. This is the largest waterway that feeds Skadar Lake. Its canyon is also known as a unique region of contrasts; its length is 90 km. The unique charm of these places is emphasized by virgin landscapes along with human creations, the severity of impregnable cliffs and amazing natural beauty.

Over the years, the Moraca River managed to cut a narrow gorge in the thickness of rocks in the north, reaching more than 1 km in depth in some places. In the south, the river merges with one of its large tributaries - Zeta, and enters the Zeta Valley, turning into a sedate, full-flowing plain river. Then Moraca flows into the waters of Skadar Lake.

Many species of fish live in the waters of the river: mountain trout is abundant in its upper reaches, and carp, rudd, bleak and mullet are found in the lower reaches.

The total length of this aquatic artery is more than 100 km. The depth here is also shallow, but the waters are stormy and swift. During snowmelt and floods in the spring, the speed of the current can be more than 110 km / h (especially in mountainous areas). The entire length of the Moraca River is dotted with deep depressions, some of which often have a depth of more than five meters.

The Moraca River is one of the main symbols of Podgorica, as is the largest waterway that flows through the city. Over the years, many bridges were built across the river, of which the Millennium is considered the most modern and beautiful, its construction was carried out with the active assistance of the Moscow government.

In addition, in the middle reaches of the river. Morachi is one of the most significant objects of the history of Montenegro - the medieval monastery, the year of construction of which is 1252. Moraca Monastery is a revered Orthodox shrine, which receives thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year.

For Montenegro tourists who want to get to this river canyon, a convenient highway and railway line have been laid.

Moraca River

Moraca is the famous Montenegrin river, the largest waterway that feeds Skadar Lake. The canyon of this river has a length of 90 kilometers. The picturesque nature and the inaccessibility of rocks, pristine landscapes and human creations complement each other and give these places charm and originality.

The rapid waters of the river, over the long years of its existence, cut through a deep gorge in the rocks. In some places, the depth of the gorge reaches 1000 meters. The Moraca River abounds with fish. Mullet, carp, mountain trout, and bleak are found here. The length of this river is about 100 km. Her main distinguishing ability is not depth, but her exuberant disposition and swift character. During the flood period, the river reaches 113 km / h. The Moraca River is a symbol of Podgorica. Many bridges were built through it, but the most "young" of them - the Millennium Bridge - was recognized as the most beautiful. In the middle reaches of Morachi is an important historical site of the country - the medieval monastery of the XIII century. Moraca Monastery is a particularly revered shrine that is visited by thousands of Orthodox pilgrims and ordinary travelers.

Getting to the river canyon is easy. A convenient motorway is located along the river bed.