Sights of Praslin


Praslin - The second largest island of Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean, 44 km northeast of Mahe. Beautiful clean beaches, a unique rainforest and the small number of cities with 7.5 thousand people make the island an ideal place for a secluded luxury vacation. Praslin is also famous for the fact that coco de mer walnut grows here - a symbol of the Seychelles.

Basic moments

Praslin Island covers an area of ​​38.52 km². Administratively, it is divided into 2 districts: Be-Saint-Ann and Grand-Anse. Whether you arrive in Praslin by air or sea, but in any case, it will immediately become clear to you that the second largest inland island of Seychelles is not as mountainous and not as populated as Mahe. Most of the inhabitants of the island are engaged in fishing, agriculture, working in the tourism industry or commerce.

In Praslin you can find accommodation for every taste and budget. There are many excellent restaurants and cafes, as well as excellent roads. To feel like a real islander, use shabby buses, where your neighbors will be funny children and cheerful grandmothers.

The main attractions of Praslin are the Valle de Me Valley, a primeval rainforest where coco de mer palm trees grow, and the luxurious Anse Lazio beach, located in the north. From Praslin you can take a walk to the islands of Curieuse, Cousin and Arid - excellent places for nature lovers. Nearby there are a couple of offshore islets, including Round Island (0.193 km²) and Shov-Suris (0.007 km²), which have hotel rooms.

Praslin story

In 1744, the explorer Lazare Pico called this place Isle de Palmes - "island of palm trees." In the XVIII century the island was used as a shelter by pirates and Arab merchants. In 1768, it was renamed Praslin in honor of the French diplomat Cesar Gabriel de Choisel, Duke of Praslin.

The island has tropical forests where rare birds live, such as the local Seychelles bulbul and black parrot. The Valle de Me Nature Reserve, founded in 1979, is known for its unique coconut and vanilla orchids. One of the most famous British generals of the 19th century, Charles George Gordon, believed that the Valle de Mae was Eden - a garden of paradise from the Bible.

When is the best time to go?

Relaxing on Praslin is comfortable all year round, as the air warms up to +25. +27 ° С, and the water temperature does not fall below +23 ° С. The low tourist season is considered the time from November to March, with the exception of the New Year holidays. During this period, the likelihood of showers is higher than in summer, but rainfall does not cause serious discomfort. Praslin is usually less rainy than neighboring Mahe, which is why it is more popular with tourists in winter. From April to October, the island has a high season, the weather is slightly cooler, it rarely rains. The peak of attendance is in July and August, which is associated with summer vacations.

Choosing the best time to travel to Praslin is recommended based on how you would like to spend time here. You can go snorkeling and sailing here all year round. For surfing and windsurfing, the most successful period is from May to September. The same time is considered the best for hiking in the reserve. Unforgettable diving is guaranteed from March to May and from September to November, and fishing - from October to April. If you want to watch the birds, you will have to prioritize - in April, the birds have a breeding season, May-September - the time of nesting dry terns, and in October the time comes for migration.

Walk in the Valle de Mé Natural Park

The area of ​​the Valle de Me Nature Reserve is 19.5 hectares. The valley is located in the eastern part of the island of Praslin. In 1983, the park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is the only place on the planet where the Seychelles palm trees coco de mer grow, the seeds of which are the largest among all plants, as well as 5 other endemic species of palm trees. The rain forest has not changed its appearance since primitive times, that is, for more than two million years.

The fauna of the reserve is represented by endemic species of birds, mammals, crustaceans, snails and reptiles. On the territory of Valle de Me, the black parrot Coracopsis nigra barklyi lives, living only in the palm forest of the park. Endemic Praslin are also Seychelles Bulbul, blue pigeon, Seychelles nectar, salangana. Two local species are found among mammals - the Seychelles bat fox and the bat. It is interesting to see Chamaeleo tigris - a unique chameleon.

The length of the route laid along the Valle de Me is about 1 km. It is best to take a walk in the morning when it is not so hot. Traveling takes about 1-2 hours.

Climb a few uneven steps to the entrance where the tickets are checked. This is necessary to verify that no one stayed in the valley overnight. A small kiosk near the entrance is a great place to relax and get into the mood. Smoking in the valley is strictly prohibited. You can see rare birds, such as black parrots, or insectivorous tenreks, busily scurrying under the trees.

Opening hours: 8.00-17.00. Admission is 350 rupees per person. Bus: No. 63 from Beaux-Anne, Grand Anse and Cote d'Or. The stop is near the tourist center. If you arrive by your own car, you can leave it in the parking lot opposite the center.

The road goes up. At the fork, turn right on the North Trail sign. The trail will lead you to the edge of the forest.

2. Fire barrier and edge

Here you will see the shoots of young palm trees coco de mer make their way from the ground. They have leaves on long stalks, but no stem. Marker E on the right is a fire barrier. It was created in 1990 after a severe fire, during which many palm trees died. The barrier consists of fire-resistant Kalis dipap trees and other ornamental and fruit trees. Go further north and the trail will lead you to marker C on granite boulders. Listen for the murmur of streams and move on. At the next marker, turn left onto the Cedar Trail (Cedar Path)that will lead you to the palm forest.

3. Palm forest coco de mer

In this primeval forest you will feel as if in another world. Giant fan leaves cover the sky. The only sound is the rustling of palm leaves in the wind. Many palm trees are over 200 years old. They feel great on fertile soil, fertilized by fallen leaves. Pay attention to the long earrings of male palm trees and the massive oval nuts of female palm trees. The weight of nuts reaches 20 kg. Female palm trees are lower than male palm trees.

At the next marker, turn left and follow the path with the Cedar Path sign.

4. Cedar trail

On the right you will see a small stream with a rocky bottom. This creek and several more merge to form a waterfall. The waterfall, which is located 400 m southwest of the Valle de Me, provides water to the entire western coast of Praslin. Take a closer look and you will see freshwater crab and transparent shrimp. Moths and bright dragonflies flutter above the water.

Follow the Cedar Trail and turn left onto the Central Trail.

5. Central trail

To the right of the Central Trail is a ravine where magnificent pandanuses grow. Some palm trees peacefully coexist with philodendrons, but this is a weed that is mercilessly destroyed. Depending on the season, you will see flowering fruit and ornamental trees. Endemic birds are found in the valley - nectaries, blue pigeons, black parrots and bulbul. Follow the Central trail to the exit of the park.

Anse Kerlan, Pete Anse Kerlan and Anse Georgette

Three beaches are located at the northwestern tip of Praslin, west of Grand Anse Airport. From September to February, sea turtles lay their eggs here. Anse Curlan is the longest beach, a flat strip of white sand with smooth boulders, bordered by takamaka trees. Luxurious villas of the Lemuria Resort Hotel are located to the north. Nearby is the small secluded beach of Petit Ans Curlan, where the hotel's boat station is located. From here along the coast you can get to Anse Georgette.

Lemuria Resort Hotel has the only 18 hole golf course in the Seychelles. If you are a hotel guest, you can take a walk along the golf course, admiring the streams and lakes, and go out to Anse Georgette. If the hotel is not full, then you will be allowed to enter. But it’s better to clarify this in advance. From the golf course in 20 minutes you will reach a plateau with magnificent views of the Cousin and the private island of Cousin. From the 15th hole a beautiful panorama of Anse Georgette is visible.

Anse Lazio

This picturesque bay is the quintessence of Seychelles beaches: soft fine sand, crystal clear sea, smooth granite boulders, palm trees bent from the wind and takamaka trees along the beach. Travel magazines are filled with excitement about this place. Shooting for fashion magazines is constantly arranged here. In the 1980s on this beach they shot the film “Shipwrecked” based on a book by Lucy Irwin about life on a desert island. Working days are a great time for swimming, relaxing and snorkeling. The beach has good parking and two restaurants. Anse Lazio is located 800 m northwest of Anse Boudin, on the north coast of Praslin. Buses run from Valle de Mé via Beaux-Saint-Ann and Cote d'Or and stop at Anse Boudin. From here you can reach the beach in 15 minutes. If you don’t feel like going, you can take a taxi.

Anse Marie-Louise

Anse Marie-Louise is located 8 km southeast of Grand Anse. It is the most picturesque of the eight beaches on the south coast from Grand Anse in the west to Be Saint Anne in the east. Tourists enjoy spending time on this wonderful beach, swimming in the ocean or having a small picnic. You need to turn off the Grand Anse main road before the trail starts to climb steeply to the Chateau de Feuilles at Poins Cabris. The hotel is a great place to relax, have a drink and enjoy the magnificent views.

Anse Possession

Anse Possión is a beautiful deep bay with many small bays that covers the island of Curieuse. The beach is located 3 km northwest of Anse Volbert on the Cote d'Or. In 1768, the French declared Praslin their possession and marked this fact with a lead tablet. The English naval officer tore off the tablet and set its own in its place. Today it is a quiet, peaceful resort with several hotels. Anse Possieson Beach is an ideal place for a picnic. To the east, on the beach of Anse Petit Chur, is the hotel “La Reserve”. In 2004, the hotel was completely destroyed by the tsunami and opened after restoration in 2006.

Baie Sainte Anne

This small fishing village is experiencing a real renaissance. A very promising restoration project is being implemented here - an artificial islet of Eva is being created. This will allow the coast to cope with the growing flow of passenger and cargo ships from Mahe. Tourists arrive at the pier located in the southern part of the bay, and from there they drive to hotels by taxi and bus. This is a great place to feel the calm pace of tropical life, chat with fishermen and locals in the market. A narrow beach is bordered by trees that give a pleasant shadow. In the village there are several banks, shops and the only hospital in Praslin.

Be Saint Anne is located in the southeast of Praslin. Buses run between the beaches of Côte d'Or, Valle de Mae, Petit Anse and Beau-Saint-Ann without a schedule.

Cote d'Or or Anse Volbert

The main tourist beach of Praslin is 2 km of white sand, shallow sea and picturesque palm trees. Côte d'Or is located on the north coast of Praslin, halfway between Anse Possion and Anse Matlo. This is a real paradise for families with children. The main life takes place in Anse Volbert - a small city with many hotels, inns, shops, restaurants and casinos. The town is completely surrounded by tropical vegetation. When the southeastern monsoons blow, the southern shores of the island are covered with algae, and tourists rush here. You can take a boat trip to the islets of Chauvet Suri or St. Pierre, spend a day at Curieuse, Cousin or Arid. Bike hire is available at some locations.

Grand Anse

Grand Anse is a small lively resort similar to Beaux-Saint-Anne and Côte d'Or. The beach occupies the south coast, 3 km east of the airport in Amity. Most tour operators are based here. From the airport you can get here in just a few minutes. The resort offers a variety of accommodation options - from hotels to small guest houses. Local cafes have a typical Seychelles atmosphere. As elsewhere in Praslin, there is little entertainment. On Fridays and Saturdays, locals of all ages head to the Briz Café for refreshments, and then continue to relax at the Oxygen nightclub in Beaux-St-Ann.

From Grand Anse, buses leave for Valle de Mey in the center of the island or to the south coast, where the beaches of Anse Sitron, Anse Bateau, Anse Saint-Sauveur, Anse Takamaka, Anse Simetier, Anse Bois de Roz and Anse Consolasion are located. This is not the best place for swimming, but the golden sand and smooth brown boulders are very picturesque and deserve attention. The Indian Ocean Lodge hotels in Grand Anse and Coco de Mer in Anse Bois de Roz offer a free shuttle service to the beaches of Côte d'Or. This service is especially popular from May to September, when the southern shores are covered with algae.

La Digue Island

In the south-east of Praslin is the island of La Digue. You can get here by boat in 15 minutes. La Digue is considered one of the most picturesque islands of the Seychelles archipelago. Most of the territory is occupied by the jungle, as well as coconut and cinnamon plantations. On La Digue, travelers enjoy the pristine beauty of nature, visit Anse Sourse D'Arzhan - one of the most photographed beaches in the world, Union Estate Park, Flycatcher Reserve. On the island there is a farm with giant turtles, whose age can exceed one hundred years.

Tourism is the main source of income for the local population. There are no paved roads on La Digue, so the islanders move mainly on ox-drawn carts or on bicycles. Tourists often rent bikes to get around La Digue in half a day.

Arid Special Nature Reserve

The area of ​​the island of Arid is 68 hectares. The nature reserve is located on the granite islands, where you can see many rare birds and unique plants. In 1973, the northernmost of the granite islands was acquired by the “chocolate king” Christopher Cadbury and transferred to the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, thanks to which a real natural paradise was created here.

In fine weather, ships moor to La Cours beach. Getting off to the beach is not easy - there is no pier on the island, and tourists have to jump in boats to get to the shore. Carefully wrap everything of value in a film, put on shorts or swimwear and stock up with durable comfortable shoes, since the tracks on Arid are steep, uneven, and even slippery after rain. Take along water and something to eat - there are no cafes and restaurants on the island.

Arid Island is managed by the Environmental Society. Rangers are always on duty at the tourist center, where the hiking trail begins, passing through a coconut plantation and the village and overlooking the coast. Pay attention to the rare Seychelles warbler, which was once on the verge of extinction. After 29 birds were transported from the island of Cousin to Arid, these birds no longer face extinction. To the west, the trail becomes very steep, but here you can see the holes where wedge-tailed petrels live.

The guide will show you a local cucumber that blooms only at night, and Wright's gardenia is a flower that grows only on this island. Famous musician George Harrison planted Wright's gardenia in the Mahe Botanical Garden in 2000, but the plant died soon after his death. Not a single attempt to transfer gardenia to other Seychelles islands has been successful. Gardenia flowers are white, and the petals are covered with delicate pink touches.

Arid is home to a huge number of lizards, and birds sing here all year round. From March to November, you can see small silly terns and dark terns on the island, pink terns appear from April to August, and the rest of the time you will meet three unique Seychelles species of birds - nectaries, blue pigeons and magpies, as well as giant frigates and red-tailed phaetons.

On La Cour beach, you can swim, go snorkelling or have a small barbecue - this service is offered by local tour operators and guides. Hundreds of fish live on the reef, but do not forget about the strong currents.

A boat trip from Côte d'Or in Praslin to Arida takes 45 minutes. Tours from May to September are arranged depending on weather conditions.

Cousin Island Nature Reserve

The area of ​​Cousin Island is 28 hectares. A visit to this reserve is one of the most popular excursions in Praslin. From Beaux-St-Ann you will reach the island in half an hour, the path from Côte d'Or will take a little longer. Boats stop quite close to the coast, and tourists cross the island in small boats. During the landing, you will inevitably soak your feet, so it would be wise to wear shorts or swimwear, and pack cameras and other valuables in plastic bags.

On Cousin you will be met by a guide who will conduct a half-hour excursion. The reserve is managed by Nature Seychelles. This is a true paradise for bird watchers and naturalists. Here you can see the rarest birds of the Seychelles, including the Seychelles warbler, which recently was included in the list of species that are threatened with extinction. Cousin is also inhabited by magpies, Seychelles food and Madagascar doves. During the southeastern monsoon, small silly terns appear on the island, and white terns can be found here all year round.

Before the purchase of the island by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Cousin was a coconut plantation. Currently, wild cotton, papaya and castor oil can be seen here. The only footprints in the sand are the footprints of geckos, millipedes, giant turtles and two types of skinks. From October to March, tortoiseshell eggs are laid on the beach.

Catamarans leave for Cousin Island from Be Saint Anne. A standard excursion also includes lunch, a visit to Curieuse, swimming on the island of St. Pierre and a fee for crossing the islands.

Cousine Island

This tiny private islet is located south of Cousin. Newlyweds who are looking for complete privacy love to come here. Even Sir Paul McCartney was resting here. At the same time on the island can be no more than ten people who live in four colonial villas on the beach. The main entertainment is bird watching in a private reserve where five endemic species of birds live, or swimming with a mask and getting to know the bright marine inhabitants.

Private transfers to Cousin are available from Mahe Airport or from Praslin.

Curieuse Island

Curiosity is located in a marine park. From the northern tip of Praslin, it is separated by a strait only 1.5 km wide. The French named the island of Rouge (Red) - The red soil can be seen today. But since the time when the French ship Le Curieuse replenished water on the island in 1768, much has changed. Once lepers lived here. The ruins of the houses where the patients were located can be seen in Anse Saint-Joseph. The house in which the doctor from Praslin lived, who treated the unfortunate until 1965, now occupies an information center.

The path, which starts from the information center, goes through a mangrove swamp, past an abandoned pond in Larai Bai, where turtles were kept, which were once considered a real delicacy. Today, Curieuse is home to giant turtles, descendants of the inhabitants of Aldabra. Turtles are under strict guard. They lay their eggs on Grand Anse Beach. Scientists protect babies until they are able to live independently in the wild. As a rule, excursions to Curieuse are complemented by lunch on Cousin and swimming in a marine park off St. Pierre Island.

Local kitchen

In Praslin, you can find both gourmet restaurants and inexpensive cafes like Take Away. The basis of local cooking is fish, chicken, rice, breadfruit, coconut milk. In general, there are fewer food service points on the island than on neighboring Mahe, and prices are slightly higher. A complex dish consisting of meat with a side dish will cost about 150 Seychelles rupees, pizza costs 230-250 rupees, coffee - 80 rupees. The bill for dinner at a mid-level restaurant for one person, excluding drinks, will be about 700 rupees (50 USD).

Drinks and snacks can be bought in small shops scattered around the island, and fresh fruit and fish from street vendors. Many cafes offer take-away food. Coco Rouge Take Away and Cafe, Island Pizzeria, Village Take Away, PK's @ Pasquiere Restaurant & Gastropub, Takamaka Beach Bar are popular with tourists.

To enjoy fine dining, Praslin should head to Les Rochers, Chateau de Feuilles Restaurant, Le Duc de Praslin or Cafe des Arts.

Where to stay

The choice of hotels on the island is quite large, but accommodation in Praslin is quite expensive. We recommend staying at the popular beaches of Côte d’Or and Anse Maria Louise, or at the resort on the Anse Lazio coast. The highest price for accommodation is from 1000 USD per day, but the corresponding service is offered by the luxury 5-star hotels Raffles Seychelles and Constance Lemuria. The Praslin “fours” have a good reputation, who will cost two or even three times cheaper to stay in - Coco de Mer Hotel and Black Parrot Suites, Sahaj Holiday Apartments, Paradise Sun Hotel Seychelles, Villas des Alizes. For reasonable savings, you can also consider 3 * hotels - Palm Beach Hotel, Casa Verde, Villa Bedier Self-catering Apartments, Jeanny's Apartment. The average price in this case is 110 USD per night.

If the budget is limited, then you should come to Praslin for 2-3 days to visit the nature reserve park, the main beaches and nearby islands, while staying in guesthouses or apartments, then you can meet 40-50 USD per day. And then - spend the rest of your vacation relaxing on the beaches of Mahe Island.

How to get there

Most tourists arrive on the island of Praslin by boat or small aircraft. From Mahe, tourists fly to Praslin in 15 minutes, landing at an airport on the west coast. Those who prefer boat trips can use the services of the Cat Cocos catamaran, which leaves from the embankment of Victoria (Mahe Island) and arrives in Be Saint Anne on the southeast coast of the island in an hour.

Interesting places Praslin

The site contains Praslin sights - photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in Praslin, where to go and where there are popular and interesting places in Praslin.

Cousin island

Cousin Island is a small granite island belonging to the Seychelles archipelago. Cousin lies two kilometers west of the island of Praslin and is a natural nature reserve and ecological resort.

Cousin is a very small island. Its area is only 27 hectares, and the length does not exceed one kilometer. At the heart of Cousin is a granite rock, therefore its beaches are not as picturesque as on many coral islands of the Seychelles archipelago. Anyway - Cousin is not intended for idle tourists. There are many severe restrictions for the guests: you cannot have picnics, swim in arbitrary places, collect shells on the shore, or even smoke on the island. All these actions can damage the cousin’s fragile ecosystem.

But for ornithologists, this island is a real find. More than 300,000 seabirds nest in this unique nature reserve, some of which are endemic species — they are found only here. In addition, you can admire the giant sea turtles, who also chose the island and lay their eggs here. Among lovers of eco-tourism, the island of Cousin is very popular - there is no other place to find.

Valley National Park

Valle de Me National Park is located in the center of Praslin Island, Seychelles. Its area is 19.6 hectares, most of which is occupied by beautifully preserved palm forests, dominated by endemic Seychelles palms, whose seeds are the largest among all plants. The climate of the park is tropical, rather humid, which is characterized by slight temperature fluctuations. The dry season lasts from April to September, during the southeast monsoon, and the wet season from October to March, during the northeastern monsoon. The amount of annual rainfall in the national park is 2200 mm.

On the territory of Valle de Me there is a rare endemic subspecies of the black parrot, which lives only on the local island and directly depends on the palm forest park. In 1994, there were 105 species of birds, among which the most popular are: blue pigeon, Seychelles kestrel, Seychelles bulbul, Seychelles nectaria and endemic salangana. Among the exotic birds living in the park, it is worth noting the Indian lane and the owl. Of the mammals, two species are found here - the Seychelles bat and the flying fox, as well as the rarest insectivorous - tenrek brought here from Madagascar.

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St. Anne's Cove

St. Anne's Bay is a picturesque corner of nature located on the island of Praslin. The length of its sandy beaches is about 10 km. This place attracts many tourists with its turquoise water, which has a huge color scheme, a variety of fauna and flora, as well as magnificent landscapes. There is a small port capable of receiving small cruise ships. The bay is difficult to access, you can get here only with the help of water transport.

Its main attraction is the remains of a sunken ship, located near the coast. This place attracts many divers from around the world and covers the covers of calendars and travel magazines. In 2000, they shot a fragment of the famous Mexican series “Rescuers”.

The bay of St. Anne offers a magnificent view of the neighboring islands of Mahe and La Digue. Every year there are competitions in surfing and diving, as well as various cultural events of the island.

In photo mode, you can view the sights in Praslin only by photos.

Felicite island

Felicite is a small resort island that is part of the Republic of Seychelles. Felicite is located 55 kilometers northeast of Mahe, the largest island in the archipelago.

The island has a very modest size - its length does not exceed three kilometers, and the width barely reaches one. The total land area is 2.86 square kilometers. The island stands on a granite rock, and its steep banks are covered with dense tropical forest and palm groves. The highest hill rises above sea level to a height of 213 meters.

Until the seventies of the twentieth century, coconut plantations were located on Felicite, but today the island is an elite resort area. On Felicite is a magnificent four-star hotel that can accommodate a little more than 20 guests. A more secluded resort can not be found anywhere else, this island is an ideal place for people who can afford to relax in comfort from the whole world.

Lazio Bay

Lazio is one of the most beautiful bays located in the north of the island of Praslin, Seychelles. It is a crescent-shaped bay, which is bordered on both sides by cliffs and is notable for its unique beauty. This is the only place on the island where tourists can watch the small waves in the ocean. This phenomenon is due to the fact that coral reefs do not enclose the bay, unlike the western part of Praslin.

Every year, thousands of tourists come to Lazio to enjoy the magnificent exotic view of the island of Arid, which occupies the covers of many magazines and calendars. Also here is located one of the best beaches in Praslin - Anse Lazio. It is popular for its fine clean sand, plenty of shady spots and chic ocean.

Lazio Bay is famous for its diving opportunities, as its underwater world is diverse and surprisingly beautiful. A huge diving center is located here, and several times a year they hold large-scale competitions. This part of the island is perfect for a quiet family vacation and solitude with nature.

Grand Anse Village

The village of Grand Anse is the main settlement of the island of Praslin, Seychelles. This place attracts many tourists with its magnificent landscapes, sandy beaches, as well as the variety of flora and fauna. The area of ​​the village is 2 square kilometers, and the population is 1235 people (according to 2011 statistics). Here is the building of the district administration, two old churches, a small football field and, of course, many souvenir shops. The main local attraction are two monuments located in the northern part of the village.

The locals of Grand Anse live in small wooden houses, the roofs of which are made of dry palm leaves. There is no infrastructure here - so many tourists are perplexed when they see the living conditions of the indigenous settlers. For tourists there are equipped special holiday homes with everything you need - showers, air conditioning and even satellite TV.

This place is perfect for lovers of African life and culture, as well as those who want to enjoy the unique landscapes that occupy the covers of calendars and magazines.

Praslin Island

Praslin is the second largest island of Seychelles, but despite this, a little more than an hour is needed to walk the entire island wide. There are a lot of hiking trails on the island.

Praslin is a mountainous area with bays and white beaches. Thanks to the coral reefs, there are very calm waves. Granite cliffs divide the coast into numerous small bays, which are perfect for privacy, even during the peak tourist season.

The main symbol of the island is the sea coconut palm Coco De Mer.
Most tourists consider Praslin a much better place for a secluded holiday than the crowded Mahe.

There is Praslin Island Airport on the island, which accepts domestic flights, mainly from Mahe (about 20 flights per day).
Also, you can get from Mahe to the island by boat in 50 minutes, and by helicopter in 20 minutes. Daily with Mahe make 3 flights to Praslin.
There are only 4 paved roads on the island, so there are very few cars. Basically, residents and tourists travel on several city buses, and the rest on bicycles. The fare on the bus becomes $ 0.5.

You can get from La Praslin to La Digue island by ferry (a ticket costs $ 20 both ways, for children under 12 years old - $ 10).
A car rental center is located in St. Anne and Grand Anse Harbor.

The island has a humid tropical climate. Over the course of twelve months, the air temperature has not changed much, it fluctuates in the aisles +23. + 30 ° C.
It rains frequently from December to May, but they are usually short and very warm.
Gentle mountains protect the island from the winds.

Praslin has a very large selection of restaurants and cafes. Small family restaurants where traditional cuisine can be tasted are very popular.
The most requested dishes, of course, are seafood. The main side dish is rice.

Popular dishes:
- lobsters in lemon sauce,
- trululu from crabs,
- shanti from shark,
- chicken curry,
- stewed breadfruit,
- fried papaya
- fruit kebabs.

Paquire Restaurant and Gastro Pub

The famous restaurant has a huge terrace with beautiful views of the ocean and the nearest island.
The menu contains dishes of different cuisines. Lunch starts at $ 40.

Les laurier restaurant
Located at the Petit Les Lauriers Hotel. The restaurant offers excellent grilled fish. Here is a huge selection of exotic cocktails. Every evening, guests will enjoy national dances at the establishment.

Coco rouge
Affordable family restaurant where you can try delicious creole cuisine. Lunch will cost $ 20.

Cafe des arts
The cafe-gallery is located in the bay of Anse Volbert. Here you can admire the local paintings and sculptures with a glass of exotic cocktail and buy some souvenirs.

Praslin Hotels

Everything Praslin Island Hotels offer their guests the best level of service and the availability of basic amenities.

Raffles Praslin Seychelles
The comfortable hotel is set near Valee De Mai National Park. The hotel has a large spa-center. For children it will be interesting to visit the Sugar Palm Club.
Two restaurants offer gourmet delicacies and a variety of drinks.

Raffles Praslin Seychelles

The hotel is located on the southeast side of the island, near Anse Takamaka Bay. It offers outdoor pools, bungalows, playrooms for children, a golf course, a water sports center. To help care for the smallest, they offer babysitting services.
The hotel has two restaurants. One is located in the main building of the hotel and offers guests Mediterranean cuisine. And the second one is located on the roof of the hotel, from where a bewitching view of the coast and the ocean opens.
Near the main pool is the Curieuse Bar, which serves drinks and light snacks.

Castello beach hotel

The hotel is located in the bay of Anse Kerlan, in the west of the island. A tropical garden, two-story villas, Creole-style bungalows, several boutiques, two restaurants, cafes, pool bars, a golf course, a diving center - all this will satisfy the needs of tourists. It is an ideal place for families.

Chateau de feuilles

A small family-run hotel built in a beautifully landscaped area. The hotel has only nine rooms. All rooms have amenities and the latest technology.
Despite its small size, the hotel has a restaurant, gym, spa-center, laundry, dry cleaning, souvenir shop. You can also take excursions to the Seychelles from the hotel.

Coco de Mer Hotel & Black Parrot Suites

This hotel offers its guests cozy cottages in the western part of the island. All cottages are built in Creole style. The complex has a restaurant, three bars, a gym, a library, a souvenir shop, a small tennis court, a platform with giant chess, a diving center.
In the tropical garden, sea palm trees and various fruit trees grow. And in an artificial pond you can see the eel, whose name is Josephine.
Seychelles cruises are often organized from this hotel.

Dhevatara Beach Hotel

The boutique hotel is hidden in tropical trees near Grand Anse Beach.
The hotel's interior is designed in an Asian style. The restaurant offers dishes of different cuisines of the world. As an entertainment, guests are advised to take excursions in the surroundings or to neighboring islands, horseback riding, fishing in the open ocean, water skiing, paragliding, yoga classes, spa treatments.

Sights of Praslin

The main village of Praslin is the village of Grand Ance. There are two ancient temples, a football field, a bank, a post office, two schools, and many souvenir shops. Along the highway that leads to the airport, you can see the Independence Monument with the symbol of the island - a huge sea coconut.

Valee De Mai National Park

This park has the largest number of palm trees - more than 7 thousand. This is the only place in the world where such a rich coconut grove has been preserved. The fruits of the sea palm weigh more than 20 kg, and their shape resembles a heart.
Also, the park has the rarest species of parrots - a black parrot. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
There are many other interesting plants here - wild clove bushes, dwarf trees of oranges, wild coffee and others.
Entrance to the park costs $ 20.
On the north coast of the park you can soak up the excellent beaches of Côte d’Or and Lazio or go diving.

Black pearl farm

The only Seychelles farm that produces oysters and shellfish from which black pearls are mined. It is located in the western part of the island. A jewelry store is open at the farm where you can purchase jewelry (bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches). For those who do not have the opportunity to visit the island and the store itself, there is an option to purchase online.
The farm is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday is a day off. Entrance fee - $ 4.

George Camille Art Gallery

The art gallery invites visitors to familiarize themselves with the work of local artists. The most popular artist in Praslin is Jorozh Camille, known not only in the Seychelles, but throughout Europe. Its striking execution technique conveys the whole flavor of Seychelles. Some of his works are for sale, and can be purchased in galleries.

Cote D’Or Beach (Gold Coast)

The main beach of the island, which attracts tourists with its hotels, restaurants, casinos, night clubs. The beach got such a name not only because of the golden color of sand, but also for the large amount of money that is invested here.

Anse Georgette Beach

The beach is located in the northern part of the island. Theoretically, it belongs to the Constance Lemuria Resort hotel, and in order to get here, you must be a hotel guest. But according to the laws of Seychelles, all beaches are city property. Hotel owners offer those who wish to visit this beach, pre-enter their name in the guest list and then it will be possible to visit the beach without any problems. Near the beach is the largest golf course.

Pascier, St. Anne and Wolbert bays are seaports that accept boats and boats from neighboring islands. From these moorings they also make excursions around Praslin and other islands of the Seychelles archipelago.
In the bay of St. Anne is the second largest village of the island. It has its own church, school, bank, and even its own monument to the famous coconut.
In the bays of Wolber, Consolasion, Marie-Louise, Boudin, Kerlan and Bois de Roz, the cleanest beaches of Praslin are located.

Anse Lazio Bay

A very calm place in the north of Praslin. The bay on both sides is protected by low granite cliffs.

Anse Kerlan - a small bay surrounded by coconut trees. Here is the most luxurious hotel of the whole island - Lemuria Resort.

Praslin has three huge diving centers:
- Octopus,
- Bleu Marine,
- Whitetip Divers.

All of them offer their clients individual and group dives in the picturesque places of the island. You can also make night dives. In spring and autumn, during diving, there is the possibility of meeting with a whale shark.

Since the end of April, local holidays begin on the island. All holidays are accompanied by live music performed by local groups, and African dances of the muties. Guests can enjoy local dishes in the form of refreshments.

In Praslin, there are only a few shops, and those are mostly either grocery or souvenir.
The most popular, of course, are the fruits of the sea palm. An excise stamp is required for their acquisition.
Also, as a souvenir, you can buy products from the same palm tree or from bamboo and cane (dishes, furniture, figurines, jewelry, hats).
Jewelry can be purchased at Black Pearl Farm.
Almost all stores are open from eight in the morning until five in the evening, without lunch. Only Indian shops are open until late at night. As a rule, bargaining in local stores is not appropriate.

Praslin Island more and more vacationers visit every year, so the tourist infrastructure is developing rapidly. And the amazing nature does not cease to please with its beauty and uniqueness. In Praslin, a truly blissful rest awaits you.