Hotels near Rosa Khutor Ski Lift


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Hotels near Rosa Khutor Ski Lift

Rosa Khutor Resort is located in the center of Krasnaya Polyana, in the immediate vicinity of the railway station. Each Rosa Khutor ski lift has a capacity exceeding 1000 people per day.

Currently, there are 18 ski lifts operating on the cableway of the resort. Half of them accommodate from 6 to 8 tourists. When fully loaded, the cableway is able to serve about 10 thousand vacationers daily. It was with her help that the Olympic athletes were transferred, who in 2014 competed in such sports as freestyle and snowboarding on the slopes of the resort.

Having booked hotels near the Rosa Khutor ski lift, any guest of Krasnaya Polyana has the opportunity to ride along the tracks on which the Olympic competitions were held. The total length of the slopes of the resort is about 77 kilometers. The most difficult route is considered to be the Men's Olympic Descent above 1600 meters. This "black" descent with a length of about 1.35 kilometers was developed by skier Bernard Russi, who won a gold medal at the 1972 Olympics in Sapporo specifically for the 2014 competitions.

Other “black” slopes to which vacationers can take the ski lifts of the Rosa Khutor resort are kilometer-long Aigba, Orel 984 meters long, Crazy Khutor (3 kilometers long), Yuryev Khutor and all the slopes created for the Olympic competitions.

In walking distance from the cable car of the resort, five rental points are open daily. All equipment presented there has two levels: PRO and FANS. The first is intended for professional athletes; skis and snowboards of the second level are leased to amateurs.

In addition to skiing on slopes equipped with snow-making cannons, viewing platforms and modern lighting equipment, the resort also provides the opportunity to visit a number of spas, a shopping complex, an art gallery.

Those who prefer hotels near the Rosa Khutor ski lift will easily get to Sochi beaches. Indeed, aeroexpress trains regularly leave from the railway station within walking distance in the direction of Sochi. They also provide access to Adler and the international airport from the station.

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Intro about Rosa Khutor

Rosa Khutor Resort, the map of which is available on the official website, has a small area, but there are a lot of interesting things here. In fact, this is a ski station, which was created not only for the Olympic Games. The first decision on its construction was made in 2003, according to which they had to build Krasnaya Polyana. During the design, the peak of the Aibga ridge was chosen - the highest point located at an altitude of 2320 m above sea level.

Arriving here, time seems to lose track of it, and this is due to a greater extent to a lot of entertainment that is worth a visit:

  • ski slopes that can be reached by cable car,
  • a huge number of waterfalls,
  • despite the fact that we are talking about mountains, there’s also a place where you can just lie in the sun,
  • a well-developed infrastructure allows, without descending to the lowlands, to visit a large number of shops and purchase souvenirs to their loved ones,
  • there is a huge amusement park where everyone will find an interesting activity,
  • there are many hotels on the territory where you can stay for the required amount of time,
  • There are also children's entertainment areas where every kid can spend active time.

Note! Despite the fact that there is no sea on Rosa Khutor, a huge number of tourists come here, dreaming of skiing, going down a steep slope. These are not only Russian tourists, but also residents of other countries of the world.

So that vacationers were comfortable here and they could quickly find the object of interest, on the official website there is a detailed plan indicating the operating mode, active routes. The scheme is so detailed that you can’t get lost.

Full details of the Rosa Khutor map

In general, the history of Rosa Khutor goes far into the past. It takes its beginning in 1881. At this time, the Caucasian War ended, several Estonian families came to the valley and decided to build their houses here. The settlement was called Esto-Zadok. In this village there lived a man by the name of Roosa, and the name of the farm came from her.

A large ski resort appeared here in 2010 and from that moment it became the most visited. Initially, 5 lifts and 9 kilometers of slopes were opened, where you could just ride.

For the Olympics, not only Olympic tracks were built here, but also a large number of hotels, hotels in order to comfortably accommodate vacationers. There are even multi-level parking lots, sports grounds, restaurants, bars and much more. All objects are located along the banks of the Mzymta River, which undoubtedly gave the objects even greater beauty. There are also 5 bridges across the river, which are made even in different colors, so that it would be easier for a tourist to navigate depending on where he needs to get.

Note! Almost all resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are located horizontally, but Rosa Khutor is vertical. That is why the resort is considered multi-level.

Cableway Olympia

It has already been said that the station is divided into several sectors, so one hour is not enough to consider everything. It is necessary to dwell on each object in more detail:

  • the bottom of the "Rose Valley". It houses more housing, as well as entertainment facilities. Every day, the resort is ready to receive guests, more than 10,500 people at a time. The resort has a house in which 7 ordinary rooms, but the floors act as ceilings,
  • there is also a private beach. It is located near the Olympia cable car. The lake is artificially created, but despite this, there is always a large number of visitors. Filling comes from the purest mountain springs,
  • You can walk around the Sochi park. There’s even a mountain trail that attracts many tourists from all over the world,
  • Of course, it’s worth a visit to the Olympic Village. You can get to it only when using the cable car. Athletes lived on its territory during the Olympics, and now the six-story Vysota hotel and the Rosa Chalet complex are hosting their guests here. Symbols of the Olympic Games are also placed here. They are set against the backdrop of mountain ranges on which snow lays year-round,
  • Rosa Stadium is located at an altitude of 940 meters. In order to get to it, you need to use the services of the funicular,
  • the highest point is Rosa Peak. It is located at an altitude of 2320 meters and it is here that the highest tracks are located, which are designed for guests and local residents.

Note! All tracks are of different levels, so everyone can go down from them, even without the experience of skiing.

In order to eat, you can use the services of local cafes. Papa Jones pizzeria is especially popular. There is a large selection of pizza and drinks at a bargain price. You can stay at one of the hotels. Tourists are given the opportunity to take advantage of accommodation in Olympic houses, where athletes lived during the Olympics.

What is attractive Rosa Khutor for tourists

Immediately it is worth saying that almost all buildings were erected by the time of the Olympic Games. The construction allowed to upset the complex in such a way that it is possible to spend rest on its territory year-round. The resort has statistics, and over the summer of 2018 it was visited by more than one million people. Arriving in the Krasnodar Territory, you should definitely get up from the beach and go to the mountains, especially since the conditions for active recreation are created here. Everyone who is fortunate enough to visit here leaves enthusiastic reviews from what they saw and from time spent.

Of course, the weather is different from the one on the coast, so you should take warm clothes with you so as not to freeze high in the mountains. Before you go to the mountains, you should pay attention to the weather forecast, since in the mountains it changes quite often. If the trip is planned in the summer, then the best option would be a trip on the electric train "Swallow".

Note! The summer period at the resort lasts from June 1 to November 10. It is at this time that tourists are invited to take advantage of a special offer, within which it is worth buying a subscription to several peaks at a bargain price.

By visiting the Rose Farm, everyone will receive a lot of positive emotions and will be able to enjoy not only the beauty of natural places, but also those objects that were created by man.