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Church of the Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity in the city of Fatima began to be built in 2004 according to the project of the Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis. Three years later, she opened her doors to believers. By the way, the end of construction was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady of Fatima to three young shepherds. She addressed the children several times during 1917, predicting the impending Second World War, the return of Soviet Russia to Christianity and the attempt on the Pope in 1981.

This church is one of the largest in the world. Its internal area is 12,000 square meters and is designed for 9,000 believers.

There are 5 chapels in the basilica, about 50 are confessional; there is also a cafe where believers can relax. The interior is decorated with a mosaic of handmade tiles, they depict Heavenly Jerusalem. In addition, Bible quotes in 23 languages ​​are printed on the walls.

The building itself was built low enough so that it would not block the view of the old basilica of Fatima of the Baroque era. You can get inside the Church of the Holy Trinity through one of 13 doors - according to the number of those present at the Last Supper.

5 million pilgrims visit the church every year, and their number is growing every year.

Restaurant Ponto de Encontro

Restaurant Ponto de Encontro - Fatima's largest restaurant. Specializes in meat dishes.

The main dish at the Ponto de Encontro restaurant is meat and poultry cooked on the open grill. Pork, lamb, grilled salmon are the main dishes of the local menu. In addition, do not ignore stewed lamb stew with pineapples, cooked according to a traditional Portuguese recipe.

Ponto de Encontro is popular among both tourists and the local population. Banquets and family celebrations are held here. The restaurant is located in a large building that can accommodate up to hundreds of guests at a time. Ponto de Encontro is one of the best establishments in the city where the local bohemia gathers and where guests of Fatima often go.

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Sanctuary of Fatima

Fatima is a Portuguese city that is 150 kilometers from Lisbon. A hundred years ago, the city of Fatima was not so popular among tourists, but after the miracle of the appearance of the Virgin Mary in 1917, pilgrims from all over the world began to come here, hospitals for the suffering were opened.

May 13, 1917, it was in Fatima that the Mother of God appeared to three peasant children. According to legend, the Virgin Mary talked with the children for a long time, urged them to repentance and deprivation in order to save sinners and told them to come on the thirteenth of every month and not tell adults anything.

The children didn’t keep their promise, and their parents and neighbors came to the next meeting with them, and they also witnessed the appearance of the Virgin, and the Portuguese town of Fatima became a favorite pilgrimage place for Catholics.

In 1928, the construction of the Basilica of the Holy Virgin began. In front of the temple was built a huge area with a capacity of 200 thousand people, which in its size exceeds St. Peter's Square itself in Rome.

Since the capacity of the Basilica of the Holy Virgin is only 800 people, Sunday service is held on the square so that everyone can visit it. Along the perimeter of the square, speakers were installed so that the priests could hear the priests.

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Russian church

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The temple in honor of the Assumption of the Mother of God at the pilgrimage center of the American organization of the laity "Blue Army" (Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima), where the so-called. "Vatican" list of the Kazan Icon of the Virgin. The temple was consecrated by Bishop Andrei Katkov. Belongs to the Russian Apostle. The church was visited and served in it by Bishop Pavel Meletiev and Metropolitan Nicodemus (Rotov).

Church Address: Russian Catholic Church of the Dormition, Rua São Vicente De Paulo 32, Fátima, Santarém, 2495, Portugal

Liturgy in the Russian Church in Fatima

A copy of the Kazan image left in the Russian church in Fatima

General information

The small city of Fatima with a population of 12 thousand people, located near the capital of the country (130 km). The settlement is part of Santarem County in the central region of Portugal.

The city became famous and visited after the miraculous appearance of the Virgin Mary to three children. This event is recognized by the church as a true miracle. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics come to Fatima every year on May 13, because the city is recognized as the spiritual center of Portugal.

The huge square is able to accommodate everyone who wants to bow to the Mother of God. Fatima Square is also the venue for religious events, and the Basilica building houses various religious orders.

City `s history

The settlement of Fatima became famous thanks to the miraculous appearance of the Mother of God. The saint came to three children - Lucia, her cousin Francisco and cousin Jacinte - six times in the period from May 13 to October 13, 1917. In the religious world, these events are included in the list of the most significant.

Children said that a woman came to them in white robes and always appeared over an oak tree. From it came a light that overshadowed the sunshine. Each time the Mother of God called to repent of sins and pray. Rumors spread quickly in the spirit world, but adults did not believe children's stories.

In the fall of 1917 in the city of Fatima (Portugal) more than 75 thousand people gathered to see the miracle. Virgin Mary showed the crowd a miracle - with a simple wave of her hands she stopped the rain and dispersed the clouds. The crowd knelt, but the Virgin disappeared. This event has been preserved in history under the name "Dance of the Sun." Very soon, the small town received the status of the most important shrine of Catholicism.

Interesting fact! The appearance of Our Lady of Fatima is officially recorded and approved by the church. At the beginning of the last century, the construction of the Basilica began, which later became a place of pilgrimage. Here are the relics of all three eyewitnesses, who was the Virgin Mary - Lucia, her cousin and cousin - Jacinta and Francisco.

The Three Revelations of Fatima

It is the three revelations or predictions of the Mother of God that attract the attention of pilgrims. In each part terrible visions from the future were described.

In 1948, at the request of the Pope, Lucia recorded all three omens. The essence of the first two revelations is well known, but the meaning of the latter has not yet been deciphered for certain.

During the first appearance, the Holy One showed the children the gates of hell. At the same time, she asked people to pray in order to save their souls, otherwise a terrible war would ensue.

Also, Virgin Mary warned that she would pick up two children. Very soon, in 1919, Lucia's cousin and cousin died. After 70 years, the church recognized them as reverends, and the Pope made them blessed. Their sister Lucia became a nun and lived to be 98 years old. She died in early 2005, on the occasion of this event in Portugal declared mourning and suspended the election.

During the second appearance, Madonna told about the appearance of communism about the terrible bloodshed. She said that Russia needs to return to church and faith, only this way the world will remain calm, if this does not happen, troubles and wars begin, entire nations disappear.

In an omen, the Mother of God spoke of an unusual radiance in the sky. At night in late January 1938, a unique northern lights of blood-red color was recorded in different parts of Western Europe. Lucia recognized the unknown light predicted by the Virgin.

The third omen of the Virgin Mary has been kept secret for many years, with many rumors, conjectures and riddles associated with it. The secret was made public in 2000 at the personal request of Lucia. As it turned out, the omen concerned an attempt on the Pope. The Mother of God predicted an attempt to kill the Pope, but the bishop is destined to survive, because he must save the world from communism.

Interesting fact! As eyewitnesses describe, an explosive bullet fired into Pope John Paul II unexpectedly changed its trajectory and did not damage vital organs. Subsequently, the bishop gave a bullet to the temple in Fatima. Today it is kept in the crown of the Virgin.

From the age of 18, Lucia wrote a diary about the appearance of the Mother of God in Fatima in Portugal. The records are known as the Message of Fatima. In them, the nun spoke in detail about the prediction of the most terrible warriors - the First and Second World War, about the persecution of the Jewish people. The records were sent to the Vatican, however, there they were classified, but in 1981 they were published.

What to see in Fatima

After the appearance of the Virgin Mary in the Portuguese city of Fatima is officially confirmed by the church, pilgrims from all over the world flock here every year.

At the beginning of the last century, the Basilica was built, which seats less than one thousand people. This was not enough, so the city authorities of Fatima decided to build an area that can accommodate 200 thousand people. Later, the Temple of the Apparition was built opposite the Basilica. Near it are monuments to priests.

Each year, the city of Fatima receives pilgrims and believers who come from all over the world. At this time, the statue of the Virgin Mary is installed on the street, on the altar. The service lasts all night.

If you come to a religious center, be sure to visit the attractions of Fatima in Portugal.

This is an amazing architectural complex built in the town of Fatima (Portugal) on the spot where the Virgin Mary was.

The complex consists of:

  • chapels
  • colonnade temple
  • Basilica

Undoubtedly, the Basilica is the main part of the complex. Built in 1928 and decorated in neo-baroque style. It is in front of it that there is an area where services and sermons are held. To make the priest's speech heard by everyone, speakers were installed around the perimeter of the square.

The construction of the shrine lasted 16 years, and in 1944 was completed. After 9 years, she was consecrated. It was on the site of the temple that the Madonna appeared to the children every month on the 13th Since then, tourists and pilgrims come here every year on the 13th of May and October. In total, more than 4 million people come to the city every year. In front of the building there is an area 2 times the size of St. Peter's Square in the Vatican. At the same time, it can accommodate 200 thousand people without problems.

The windows of the Basilica are decorated with stained glass windows, which depict the miraculous appearance of the Madonna. In the middle of the last century, an ancient organ was installed in the Basilica building.

The chapel of the church bears the name of the Apparition of the Virgin. It is decorated with a column made of marble, on which a statue of the Virgin Mary is installed.

On the territory of the sanctuary there are many chapels, in the central part, where a miraculous phenomenon occurred, the chapel of the Apparition of the Virgin Mary is located. A marble pillar is installed near the chapel. The chapel is small, erected in the spring of 1919 by the efforts of local residents. The first service in it was held in 1921, however, a year later the chapel was destroyed, and a year later it was restored.

It is one of the largest Catholic churches - designed for 9 thousand people. This is a relatively new attraction, its construction ended in 2007.

The building has an atypical shape for the church - it is low, without domes and more like a gallery or exhibition center.

The consecration of the Church of the Holy Trinity was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the miraculous appearance of the Mother of God.

Construction work was led by an architect of Greek origin. Funds for the construction donated by parishioners and pilgrims. The facade and interior are decorated in the Byzantine style, in addition, the landmark rooms are decorated with paintings by famous masters. A mosaic made by hand from tiles has been perfectly preserved to this day. 13 doors are equipped to enter the Basilica, this number symbolizes 13 people who were present at the Last Supper. Famous biblical quotes translated into 23 languages ​​are applied to the walls.

What to do during the pilgrimage

Pilgrims who come to Fatima to repent of their sins pass the entire vast area, kneeling down. They follow from the Basilica of the Virgin Mary to the new temple. The spectacle is truly mesmerizing when thousands of believers humbly on their knees crawl across the square. Many wrap their knees with cloth, because you need to move around cement stones. Older people come here, they are helped by younger ones, holding hands.

Most often people come here to ask for health and healing. You can do this in the following way. Near the temple they sell wax products that imitate parts of the body. You need to buy a part of the body that needs healing, and throw it in the smelting furnace, which is located next to the temple.

Advice! After visiting the sanctuary, be sure to go to the Wax Museum. Here are collected exhibits telling about the history of the sanctuary.

The cost of an adult ticket is 6 euros, and a child ticket is 3.5 euros. You can also stroll through the olive grove, where you can relax. You can get to the grove as follows - from the temple, follow to the center of the square, where the statue of the Virgin Mary is located, from it you need to turn left. Adjoining the square is the main street of the city, named after Lucia's cousin - Francisco. On this street there are shops with religious products, souvenir shops, museums and hotels.

How to get to Fatima

Buses follow from the capital of Portugal to Fatima, the journey takes just 1.5 hours.

  • Departure point - Oriente station, from platforms 46-49.
  • Buses go to Fatima from 7:30 to 19:00. In total there are 10 flights operated by Rede Expressos per day.
  • Ticket price - 12 euros, discounts apply for children and senior citizens. A travel document can be bought on the company's website or directly at the station at the box office.

Another option is to purchase a sightseeing tour of the golden ring of Portugal. In addition to Fatima, tourists visit the monasteries of Alcobas and Batalha, the fishing village of Nazare and the small fortified town of Obidos. The cost of such a tour will cost at least 75 euros.

It is difficult to imagine that ninety years ago no one knew about the city of Fatima (Portugal), and the settlement did not stand out on the map of the country. Large-scale changes took place in May 1917, since then the history of the town has changed. Today it is a world-famous religious center of Catholicism.

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Wonderful country, unique, wonderful people. We visited it with my daughter in 2013, were very pleased with indelible impressions!

Tour Description

Fatimaanother “wonderful” city of Portugal. Today marks the 100th anniversary of the extraordinary events that have occurred here. Three shepherd children, ten-year-old Lucia, nine-year-old Francisco and seven-year-old Jacinta, witnessed a miracle. In the month of May, the 13th, they saw a “beautiful Lady” on a light cloud. She spoke with children, appeared to him more than once. The last meeting took place on October 13th. At the same time, there was an amazing natural phenomenon “dance of the sun”, which was observed by people within a radius of several kilometers.

Jacinta and Francisco died in childhood. And Lucia lived to old age ...

After detailed investigations, representatives of the Roman Catholic Church recognized the events taking place in the vicinity of Fatima as true. The “secrets of Fatima,” as they were later called, in the form in which they were personally recorded by Lucia, are stored in the Vatican. Two of them were published in 1942, they report on the events of the First and Second World Wars. More than once Russia is mentioned in them ... The Virgin Mary also warned of the attempt on the Pope, which really happened in 1981. What saved John Paul II from death? Evidence that he was miraculously alive is stored in Fatima.

2017, Pope in Fatima ...

There are many hypotheses and conjectures about the third prophecy of the Virgin Mary. The Vatican keeps it a secret and says that the third secret will not be fully disclosed and, most likely, will remain a secret forever!

Dear friends, I bring to your attention feedback onexcursions in Portugal, to Fatima, from the grateful Tashi Podkaswho visited there last month with a wonderful guide, my colleague, Ivan:

“Good trips and excursions are filled with impressions and unexpected discoveries. In Portugal, there is no other way. This country is beautiful, diverse, and has everything to delight even a sophisticated traveler! Another discovery for me was the sacred Fatima town 1.5 hours drive from Lisbon.

The place is very strong, the energy is powerful ... tested by everyone who has ever been here

It was he who was the stronghold of faith in the chaotic time of the formation of republican Portugal, during the crisis caused by the First World War. May 13, 1917, as if in support of the people, the Most Holy Theotokos appeared in oak branches to three ordinary children. And within six months after, through the mouth of a ten-year-old shepherdess she passed incredible prophecies, the so-called “three secrets of Fatima”. And most surprisingly, one of them is about the punishment of faraway unknown Russia.

Millions of pilgrims visit Fatima every year ... and now, within a radius of 100 km from the city! all hotels were booked for the festivities

The centenary of these wonderful events is widely marked this year. In May, a grand meeting of the Pope and pilgrims from around the world took place. Besides the fact that such a public stir is very curious, Fatima interesting as the youngest city ​​of Portugal.

And the excursion exceeded my expectations! The story was conveyed artistically and interestingly, and visiting the shrine was easy. The place has tremendous energy, concentrated by millions of believers over the past century, and is striking in its scale. In a city with a population of 10 thousand people, the area in front of the Basilica of St. Virgin is twice as large as St. Peter's Square in the Vatican! Snow-white, small, proportionately tending upward, the church is very artistic, and together with the "embrace" of the colonnade it represents a beautiful ensemble.

Church of Fatima, early morning and no one else ...

In contrast, the Church of the Holy Trinity is an unusual and largest temple in Portugal, the embodiment of modern architecture.

A striking and indescribable sight of people conjuring a vow and walking on their knees through the polished snow-white marble to the Chapel of Apparitions. The impressions are indelible and the feeling of spirituality drowns out the wonder how it has turned from a small village Fatima over a century into such a magnificent center of Vera, which is of not only religious, but also historical value.

Fatima in Portugal, Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Lourdes in France are the most important European cities for pilgrims ...

The rest of the town is typical Portuguese, with several cozy restaurants offering food no less delicious than spiritual.

Additionally, in addition to the excursion, along the “Way of the Cross”, we reached the suburb of Fatima, Alzhustrel, where those children who were now considered as saints lived. Placards with their names are attached to the walls of houses, and in one there is a small ethnographic museum (Casa Museu de Aljustrel), which is curious about household items and scenes of Portuguese life 100 years ago.

a house in a Portuguese village then looked like this ...

Staying in Portugal for a short time, I am just starting to get to know the country, and everything that I have already managed to visit is fascinating and fascinating. Perhaps this is largely due to the wonderful excursions that I enjoy visiting as soon as possible ”

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All information about Fatima, about events, about upcoming events - on our own site (in Portuguese, English and other languages) Some of the information, truth and myths, amazing coincidences - on our tours. The photographs I used for the article were taken from Fatima's Facebook page.

The main thing is to believe with all your might ... Virgin Mary of Fatima will try to help everyone ...