What to see in Jamaica


For many years, travelers to Jamaica mainly fell into two categories: elderly couples and newlyweds who were tied to their resorts with a full range of services or whether they were tourists who arrived on a cruise ship who landed in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios, to spend several hours inspecting the coffee plantation.

But now everything is different, tourists come to the island to see natural and artificial sights and immerse themselves in an incredibly rich culture and most importantly at least a little to become part of this culture. Well, TAM presents a list of 15 things you can see and do in Jamaica.

1. Go Rafting

Travel to the Port Antonio area and take a walk on the Rio Grande River on bamboo rafts. Rafting is one of the best ways to see the numerous caves, waterfalls and crystal springs that are hidden throughout the island.

Cost: Raft rental is around $ 70

2. Go scuba diving

Apply sunscreen and spend a couple of blissful hours exploring the dark blue color of the local waters. To do this, go to the north coast, where you can see a wide range of marine life, coral reefs, sponges and caves.

Cost: from 35 US dollars

3. Visit the Bob Marley Museum

No doubt Bob Marley is one of the most famous people in Jamaica. Be sure to go to the museum to learn more about the life and influences of the great Rastafarian.

The museum is open daily (except Sunday) from 9:30 to 16:00.

input: is 25 US dollars

4. Go on an excursion to the rum factory

Rum - One of the best drinks in Jamaica, which is made for export. Take a walk through the Appleton Sugar Plantation and Appleton Rum Factory.

Appleton Manor is open daily (except Sunday) from 9:00 to 16:00

Cost: A 2-hour tour will cost $ 25 per person

5. Explore the caves

1000 caves dot the whole island. Of course you can get around them all, but it is unlikely that you will have enough time and energy for this. To get started, head to the Green Grotto caves on the north coast.

Green Grotto Caves are open daily from 9:00 to 16:00

Entry cost: $ 20 per person

6. Plantation tour

Visit the Sun Valley plantation in Ocho Rios and learn about the island’s slave trade and what plantation life was like. This is a gloomy reminder of the origin of the island's population.

Sun Valley is open daily from 9:00 to 16:00

tour cost: $ 8

7. Explore Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the center of tourism in this country. Come here to shop and stock up on souvenirs. Visit the City Center Plaza or the main craft market for particularly memorable purchases. Montego Bay is the center of bars, international restaurants, parties and unforgettable vacations.

8. Climb the Dunn Waterfalls River

They are located in Ocho Rios, water falls from a height of almost 183 meters and this is absolutely amazing sight. For those who are confident in their abilities, you can climb them, but everyone else should at least take a look at this.

input: $ 20

9. Walking in Kingston

Kingston is a city full of attractions such as Devon House, the Royal House and the House of Prime Ministers. The capital of country, but do not forget that criminal situations often arise here. We do not recommend staying here for a long time, it will be enough to make at least a one-day trip!

10. Have lunch at Ricks Cafe.

This is a popular place among both locals and tourists. There are huge rocks from which daredevils constantly jump. The distance to the water is about 11 meters, so if such an adventure is not for you, you can just enjoy the sun and watch people.

11. Take a day trip to Portland

Take a day trip to Portland, visit the Blue Lagoon, Somerset and Falls Falls, and sample the best chicken in the Boston Jerk Center Restaurant. This is a good alternative to get away from the crowds of tourists on the coast.

12. Explore Port Royal

It used to be the pirate capital of the Caribbean. Now tourists can admire Fort Charles, St. Peter's Church and the Naval Cemetery. In addition, the city has potential plans for tourism development, which will include a theme park, marina, arcade, museum and much more.

13. Immerse yourself in the clouds

Holywell National is located in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Walk along the edge of the mountain and find yourself in a sea of ​​clouds, birds and monkeys will be everywhere around you. A tropical park is best visited during the day; it is a short drive from Kingston.

The park is open daily from 8:00 to 18:00.

input to the park is 10 US dollars

14. Swim in the Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is one of the less touristy bathing spots on the island. You will pay a small fee for entering the park ($ 10), as well as a “tip” for your guide who will go to the top of the waterfall so that you can jump from the waterfall of different levels. There is also the option to jump from a bungee, swing or rock.

Remember there is nowhere to store your things, so bring along a waterproof bag in which you can store your things while swimming

15. Swim in the brilliant waters of the Glowing Lagoon

The luminous lagoon (Phosphorus lagoon) extends along the wetlands of Trelawney, to the city of Falmouth in Jamaica. But what is so special about this lagoon? In the 18th century, scientists discovered luminous microorganisms in the waters of the lagoon called dinoflagellates, which live in layers where salt and fresh water mix. At night, the lagoon glistens when disturbed, causing the effect of "glow in the dark." Every night you can go on a boat excursion, where you can swim in the luminous lagoon.

Dunns River Waterfalls

Dunn’s River Falls & Park National Park is famous for its waterfalls. A lot of water flows from the cliffs, forms cascades and steps and goes to the Caribbean Sea, bypassing hundreds of barriers and obstacles. The total height of the Danss River Park waterfalls is 180 meters. For visitors, hiking trails are organized, along which tourists climb stone ledges and bathe in natural pools. Climbing starts from the beach and takes about 1.5-2 hours.
The optimal visit time is before 10 am or after 4 pm.

Ticket price: 20 euros.
To get: on highway A3 from Ocho Rios.
Open: from 5 to 22.

Dolphin bay

The natural attraction near the city of Ocho Rios has for many years been considered the best in the Caribbean and has won international awards. In the natural bay, you can not just watch dolphins, but also swim with them, chat, feed and even touch.
The most popular attraction in Dolphin Cove is a walk along the bottom of the sea in a special protective helmet surrounded by the smartest marine life. Other activities include shark shows and kayaking on a transparent boat, swimming with slopes and swimming with sharks. There is a restaurant and souvenir shops in the bay.

Ticket price: 50 euros.

Bob Marley Museum

We say "Jamaica", we mean "Bob Marley", and therefore it is not surprising that in addition to souvenirs with the image of a famous musician on the island there is also a museum dedicated to him.
The house where the reggae master once lived and his studio was located, you will find in Kingston. The situation in it is exactly preserved, and you can look at the stage costumes and platinum disks, popular both in Jamaica and around the world, see wall paintings made in traditional Rastaman colors, and buy souvenirs to commemorate the visit.

Address: Kingston 6, Hope Road, 56.
Open: from 9.30 to 16 except sunday.
Ticket price: 20 euros.

Mausoleum of Bob Marley

No less a cult place for followers of Rastafarianism - the mausoleum of Bob Marley in the suburbs of St. Ann a few miles south of Brown. The reggae king was born in this place in 1945 and was buried there.
The place where the mausoleum is located is called the Nine Mile. The attraction is managed by members of the Marley family. Visitors are shown the awards of the musician, his instruments, photographs and personal items. Among the exhibits of the mini-museum is a stone pillow, on which Bob laid his head in search of inspiration.
The body of the musician, along with his guitar, rests in a mausoleum in a small church.

Devon House

You can get an idea of ​​the island's identity by visiting just one mansion. Devon House in the center of the capital was built over 120 years ago by the millionaire Stibel, who was engaged in not too legal, but very profitable trade. The architectural style of the house is a colorful mixture of Jamaican traditions and Georgian receptions, but visitors are interested not only in elegant staircases, a natural wood facade and English chandeliers. At Devon House, noteworthy:

  • An ice cream shop decorated in the style of the 19th century offers you to try the best varieties of sweet treats made from natural products.
  • Brick Oven Bakery sells cinnamon rolls and cakes with whipped cream and tropical fruits.
  • The restaurant in Devon House occupies a worthy place in the list of the most famous institutions in the world. Her boss, Norma Shirley, has been named the best cook in the Caribbean.

At the estate you can buy national souvenirs - rum, cigars, coffee, spices and clothes.

Address: Hope Rd, 26, Kingston.
Open: from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. except Sun. and Mon
Ticket price: 16 euros.

Blue Lagoon

A two-hour drive from Kingston, near the city of Port Antonio, you will find a magical bay, which has become the main character of the cult American film “The Blue Lagoon”. Its main feature is water of amazing color, which can change throughout the day. Amazing shades of turquoise are shaded by greenery of palm trees and white sand, and the Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio is an ideal place for photo shoots in a romantic style, which the newlyweds and just lovers who fly to Jamaica will certainly use.
You can look at the magical bay with an organized excursion from Port Antonio.

National Gallery

The largest art museum in Kingston was founded in the 70s of the last century, when a decent collection of early and modern art of the Caribbean region gathered in the city.
The exhibition is widely represented by the works of local original authors: ceramics and sculpture, paintings and crafts from shells. Of particular interest to foreign visitors are traditionally the products of local Taino Indians, considered to be skilled woodcarvers.

Address: 12 Ocean Blvd, Block C, Kingston.
Open: daily from 10 except sunday. and Mon
Ticket price: 2.5 euros.

The terrible legend about the brutal owner of the Rose House in Montego Bay is the main attraction of the mansion, where all travelers who find themselves in Jamaica try to get. Built in the mid-18th century, the luxurious home belonged to millionaire John Palmer. The building stands on a hillside and offers magnificent views of the ocean.
Legend has it that Palmer's wife killed him and the next two husbands and many slaves, until she died at the hands of the avenger. The tomb of the White Witch is another celebrity in Rose Hall. Its current owner is the former Miss World and she seems not to be too scared by the past of the mansion. The night excursions and spiritualistic sessions organized by her are very popular among tourists.

Among the many pirate harbors in the Caribbean, Port Royal was one of the most famous. Henry Morgan often sought his attention, and gold in the taverns of Port Royal poured in. At the end of the XVII century, the city suffered from a powerful earthquake, and Kingston was chosen as the new capital of Jamaica.
During the excursion to the former pirate center, you can look at the reconstructed harbor, the royal docks, the inhabitants of the underwater aquarium and a large stone fort. Shipwrecks after an earthquake are of interest to divers.

In the 30s of the last century, the British administration planned that this quarter of Kingston would be an example of a new beautiful urban area, but in practice it turned out slightly different. Reggae was born in his labyrinths, Bob Marley sang about him, in his slums the Rastamans and other people found refuge, who preferred freedom to all the riches of the world.
Today in Trench Town a small museum is opened, the main exhibit of which is Marley's first guitar. In the house there is a room where the king of reggae did not live long.

The price of a ticket to the museum accompanied by a guide is 10 euros. It’s not worth taking a walk along Trench Town alone!

Green Grotto Caves

A famous tourist attraction in the north of the island is named for the green algae covering the walls of the caves. Once upon a time, they were inhabited by local Indian tribes that left drawings behind them. During the existence of the British colony in Jamaica, underground grottoes served as a refuge for escaped slaves and Spaniards who escaped captivity.
An excursion to the Green Grotto will introduce you to the world of stalactites and stalagmites, tell you about the life of the colony of bats and allow you to admire the cleanest underground lake.

Open: from 9 to 16.
Ticket price: 18 euros.

Mayfield Falls

Mayfield Falls are located near the resorts of Ocho Rios and Negril. The complex consists of two large cascades, forming two dozen natural pools in which you can swim. A walk to the waterfalls includes an introduction to the village of Rasta and the Mayfield River Valley, whose waters form the waterfalls.
Part of the ledges is dotted with small caves, where you can look during the walk. Waterfalls are surrounded by a rainforest, and on an excursion you can look at the typical inhabitants of Jamaica - a variety of birds with bright plumage.

Royal Botanic Garden

In 1873, 200 hectares of land in the administrative district of St. Andrew in the southeast of the island were given away to create a botanical garden. The land belonged to Major Richards Hope, one of the first English colonialists to arrive in Jamaica.
Gardens today are the public domain of the inhabitants of the island, where you can get acquainted with the richest collection of endemic and exotic plants of the Caribbean. Particular attention is drawn to the cactus garden, the bougainvillea alley and the lily pond.

Blue mountain peak

The highest mountain in the southeast of the island is considered a paradise for those who love hiking, walks in the rainforest and photo shoots in nature. In clear weather, from the two-kilometer top of the mountain you can see the outlines of neighboring Cuba.
Climbing the peak is a popular excursion in Jamaica. The groups start at 1,400 meters around 2 a.m. and reach the summit by 6 a.m., breaking about 10 km of mountain paths. The best time to hike is August, when the sky over Blue Mountain Peak is clear and Liberty Island is clearly visible.

Yaaman adventure park

The organizers of this park are true enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor adventures. In the park, located on the territory of agricultural land of the XVIII century, you can enjoy walks in an old carriage, dinners in a Victorian-style restaurant, horseback riding, camel riding and real buggy on mud and off-road. Dolphins will help you wash off fatigue. Bathing with them is on the list of possible pleasures.

Port Antonio

A quiet backwater, permeated with pastoral urban motifs, is characterized by a calm, unhurried flow of life. By the way, the legendary Blue Lagoon, where the film of the same name was shot, is located here.Boston Beach is no less attractive, Castleton gardens are fragrant, the streets of the expensive Crystal Spring resort beckon with neat gingerbread hotels and snow-white restaurant terraces. Local attractions include the old de Monvin mansion, Fort George (17th century), Twin Harbor Bay, the Rio Grande Valley, Port Antonio Marina and the island of Navy Island.

Dans River Waterfall

The waterfall rhapsody of Jamaica fascinates and is remembered for a long time. The soloist among the many water-depressing natural monuments is the Dance River. Cascades of rainbow splashes, chorochorous rainbows, sobering ice splashes, enchanting song of water.

It is worth using the services of a local guide to get to its very top: an amazing view is guaranteed.

Jamaican Riviera

Among local people, the concept of "Jamaican Riviera" is common. So they call the strip of coast along the northern coast of the island, framed by the blue sea, and from the side of the island - steep cliffs of limestone plateau. But on the way to the waterfalls of the Dunn River, you should definitely look into the famous Fern Valley, of which about 200 species grow.

Belvedere Estate

Belvedere Manor is known for its 300-year-old dam, huge sugar cane plantations and stunning Jamaican gardens. Feeling the skin of the atmosphere of the 18th century, which pervades every corner of this place, the guest can taste a traditional dinner accompanied by local musicians, get acquainted with life and a difficult lifestyle in the slave period.

"Country in the Outskirts"

The desert plateau, occupying the central western part of the country, the “Country at the Backyard,” man has not been able to enslave so far. The monumental natural conglomeration of thousands of conical hills, chosen by wild animals, can be crossed only with the accompaniment of a machete under pain of being torn to pieces by a predator.

1. Negril Beach

This is a settlement in western Jamaica. Once it attracted freedom-loving hippies, but today it has become a resort for wealthy Americans. The main attraction is the 11-kilometer Negril Beach. Even in the hottest weather, its snow-white coral sand does not heat up and does not bake. This is the best diving spot in all of Jamaica. An atmosphere of utter carelessness in Negril is incredibly attractive.

3. Kingston

The capital of Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae and Bob Marley music, is Kingston. The city has a very vibrant nightlife, many bars and discos. A very interesting museum is the house of Bob Marley, where you can see the studio in which he recorded songs. The city has a Rockfort fortress, St. Thomas Cathedral, a very beautiful Devon House. There is also a Jamaican market, many restaurants and cafes and beaches with all the conditions for outdoor activities.

4. Doctors Cave Beach

One of the most popular and comfortable beaches for relaxation. It is located in Montego Bay. On the beach there is only white sand and turquoise water. Traders are not allowed on him, they do not play sports games on him and do not listen to loud music. Due to its location, the beach is protected from the winds. There is always calm water. It is ideal for diving, swimming, snorkelling. Restaurants and bars are located near the beach.

5. Rose Hall

Rose Hall has the glory of the most famous mansion in Jamaica. In 1770, it was built on a high hill for £ 30,000. This is a chic mansion with a huge plantation, on which slaves worked. Today, the estate was restored and tours are held there. They are based on the legend of the White Witch Rose Hall, which killed husbands and tormented slaves. Inside the mansion there is a restaurant and bar, it is lined with antique furniture.

6. The city of Falmouth

One of the well-preserved Georgian cities in the Caribbean. Once a highly developed city: water supply appeared here earlier than in New York. Here you can look at old houses, swim in clear water and buy souvenirs. There are a lot of them here, because recently a port has been opened in Falmouth that accepts large cruise ships. There are many tourists here.

7. Port Royal

The former center of maritime trade in the Caribbean is known as the city of pirates. There was always a lot of space in its port, it was easy to find prey in the city, and it was also close to safe sea routes. Today it is an abandoned city that begins to disappear under water. The most interesting in it is 5 forts. Some of them are only occasionally shown from under the water, and in one there is a museum.

8. Martha Brae River

This is a mountain river near the city of Falmouth. Its length is 32 km. She is known for her legend about Martha's gold and the witch who guarded him. A favorite tourist attraction is river rafting. Guides ferry on 9-meter bamboo rafts. During the trip you can stop, take a walk along the beach and swim.

10. Blue Mountains and John Crowe Mountains

This is a national park in eastern Jamaica with an area of ​​495 km². It has pristine nature and very rich vegetation, many endemic species. Once the mountains were home to slaves who hid from Europeans and set traps for them. The highest point of the park and the entire island is Blue Mountain peak. Its height is 2256 meters. It offers amazing views of the island. They say you can even see the coast of Cuba.

11. Fern Gully Road

This is a road through a lush forest with beautiful nature, an abundance of flowers and ferns. It was because of them that she got her name. There are over 500 species in the forest. The road was built in 1907 and is now considered one of the wonders of the nature of Jamaica. The path begins in Ocho Rios and stretches for almost 5 km through the green thickets that form a natural tunnel.

13. Rio Grande River

It is the longest river on the island. Its length is almost 100 km. It attracts more and more tourists every year. With guides, they go down the river. This is one of the most picturesque and calm rafting routes in the world. During the descent, there are a lot of greenery and birds around. Sailing along the river on long bamboo rafts.

14. Trench Town

This is the area of ​​Kingston, which was originally planned as a beautiful quarter. But in the end, it became a not-so-prosperous area, the birthplace of reggae, and home to young Bob Marley. It is Trench Town that he recalls in the song “No woman, no cry”. The crime rate in the area is high, but tourists are not afraid. This is a place that shows the lives of local residents on the other hand, but it is better to be careful there.

15. Weiss Waterfall (YS Falls)

The waterfall is located in a secluded countryside. It’s quiet and calm. The height of the waterfall is 36 meters. It consists of 7 levels. Each has a cool water pool. Near it there are many souvenir shops, restaurants, picnic areas, a playground. From entertainment - bungee jumping, cableway and tubing.

16. Dolphin Cove

The best attraction in the Caribbean was created by nature itself. Dolphin Cove is a natural bay surrounded by tropics. Dolphins, stingrays, crocodiles, sharks, exotic birds live in it. Visitors can train dolphins, walk in the bottom in a special helmet and play with them, watch shark shows and just wallow on a snow-white beach. All animals are in a natural environment, so they are very friendly.

17. Black River

This is a river 53 km long, which is surrounded by amazing and unique nature. More than 100 species of birds live here. Crocodiles are found in the waters of the river. Tourists are taken on safaris, where they have the opportunity to enjoy nature, see large crocodiles and their cubs. About 300 of these animals live in the river. On the way, the guides usually tell a lot of interesting things about their area and the river.

18. Royal Palm Nature Reserve

This is a beautiful forest, which is home to more than 300 species of animals, reptiles, butterflies. The reserve is the second largest wetland in Jamaica. Here 114 species of plants grow. Among them is the royal palm, which is endemic. There is a 10-meter observation tower in the reserve with a beautiful view.

19. The Mystic Mountain Amusement Park

The park is located in Ocho Rios. It has very beautiful Jamaican nature. There you can ride the funicular, riding over the tops of trees and admiring the views, go bobsleighing, descend on the ropes. In the park there is a small but pretty water park. While riding on a roller coaster, the gaze again reveals gorgeous views of the city and the promenade.

23. Rich Waterfalls

This is a mountain waterfall surrounded by rainforests. It is located in Port Antonio. Visitors can not only swim, but also climb to the top of the waterfall. Rescuers are on duty there. Also, the waterfall is notable for its underwater caves, where tourists can climb. This place is calm and not noisy, and the waterfall is very beautiful.

24. Gloucester Avenue

The main tourist street of Montego Bay. It is located near the international airport, you can walk here. It has the largest number of souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The most popular are Margaritaville, Blue Beat and Pear One. You can dance in them all night. Due to the large influx of tourists on the street there are many pickpockets, so you need to be careful.