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  • Temple of Peace in идwidnica with a park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Old Market Square - the second most important in Lower Silesia (after Wroclaw)
  • Cathedral of Saints Stanislav and Wenceslas, inspection with a guide:
    - daily from 10:00 to 17:45
    - contact phone: +48 720 101 606
  • Museum of Ancient Merchants (pl)
  • one of the most interesting “flea markets” in Poland, held in every first Sunday of the month, watch (pl) when “flea markets” are held in other Lower Silesian cities

Swidnitsa - one of the most beautiful cities in Lower Silesia.

Pages of history

For many representatives of the older generation of Russians, Swidnica is not just a geographical concept, but part of life, because it was in this city that the families of officers from the Northern Group of Forces lived, one of the places of deployment of which was this city. Since then, many years and controversial events have passed, much has been forgotten, much of the secret has become apparent, but the friendly ties that once existed are calling the next generation of Russians to Swidnitsa.

Hotels of Swidnica

There are few hotels in Swidnica, they are small, but quite capable of satisfying all the needs of travelers. Among the hotels there are clearly urban, corresponding to the 3 * level and providing a quite good level of service, and there are resort-type hotels, such as Dom Wycieczkowy - Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji w Św>

Attractions and attractions Swidnica

The historical part of the city breathes antiquity, narrow curved streets attract you to get lost in their labyrinth. As usual, in the city center, on the Market Square, there is the Town Hall, which has recently been restored and now looks great, and its elaborate tower is visible from afar. Dluga - the main street of the city - leads from the Market Square, whose architectural ensemble is quite traditional, but nevertheless very attractive, to the Church of Saints Stanislav and Wenceslas, built in the Gothic style. The interior of the church is very diverse and is made not only in the Gothic style, but also in the Baroque style. You can get into the church every day, but it should be remembered that the Poles are very zealous Catholics, so it is better to inspect the interior before the end of the service.

In the center of the square, as in many European cities, a baroque column was erected in honor of the end of the plague epidemic.

It will be interesting to visit the Silesian Trade Museum, which operates on weekends from 11.00 to 17.00, and on weekdays from 10.00 to 15.00. The exposition acquaints visitors not only with the history of trade development in Silesia, but also shows how crafts developed.

Not far (10 km north-west) from Swidnica, in Jaworzyna, is Poland’s largest museum of steam locomotives. Its exposition illustrates the history of the development of railway transport in Poland and allows you to view in detail a variety of locomotives.

Church of Peace

The most amazing attraction of the Swidnik is rightfully considered the Church of the World. The wooden evangelical church in идwidnica and a similar one in Yavor are the only cultural monuments of this kind. These are wooden crossbar churches built by Silesian Protestants in the middle of the 17th century. The interior of the church in Swidnica is richly decorated in the Baroque style: amazing paintings made in the 18th century, generously decorated ceilings, a two-story room for worshipers create a festive mood for those present. However, the value of this church is not in this, but in those ideas that it proclaims.

After the end of the 30-year war devastating for Silesia in 1648, the Caesar of Austria allowed the evangelicals to build only three churches, provided that they would not look like traditional temples, made of fragile materials and located at a distance of a cannon shot from the city walls. This is how the Churches of the World appeared - unique half-timbered structures made of wood, straw and clay, completely inconspicuous on the outside, but richly decorated inside. The peace church in идwidnica is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is located outside the historical part of the city, in the old evangelical cemetery. In warm time, services are held in the temple; you can get into it for inspection daily from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 17.00. It closes for the winter, but tours are possible for groups by appointment.